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3D Printed IOM Under Construction 2018

Mitch Gibbs

Pla+ 3D printed IOM Manta




10 RATER New Boats Under Construction 2016

Arnold Grant & Charlie Mann

Design Gothix 10r

IMG_4571 Arnold and Charlie

Garry Blick

Design Gothix 10r

20160130_135352_Garry Blick

20160130_134808_Garry Blick


Sailing 7th Feb Heat 1 Club Championship

20160207_132851_resized Jason Rootes

Jason Rootes Gothix X

20160207_134238_resized_1 Greg Torpy Blade 3

Greg Torpy Blade 3

20160207_134144_resized_1 Garry Blick P3

Garry Blick P3

20151108_115354 Mich

Mitch Gibbs Gothix X

20160207_135933_resized_1 John Rootes

John Rootes Gothix X


20160207_133121_resized visiting RG65

Visting RG65 mixing with the 10 Raters